Coming Back from Covid: How We’re Getting Our Employees Back to Work Safely

As we re-enter and reimagine the new reality of our workspaces, we at Taylor Hodson are committed to providing the resources for our employees, candidates, and clients to be in the best possible position for success and health. Below find some of the steps we’re taking in order to make for a healthy and sustainable return. 
Reconfiguring Our Workspaces.

We like to think of ourselves as a tight-knit group here at Taylor Hodson. While committed to maintaining our company rapportwe are equally committed to heeding the best practices of spread prevention and have rearranged our workstations in order to maintain the recommended distance of 6 feet apart in all directions.

Staggering Employee Arrivals.

In an effort to reduce interpersonal contact, we are working with our employees to choose varied workdays and arrival times in order to reduce congestion and limit unnecessary exposure.

Supplying Taylor Hodson Masks.

We have designed our own Taylor Hodson reusable masks and will provide them to every temporary employee in the field and in-house staff member. We are following the suggested protocol to mandate the use of these masks in public work areas (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, break rooms). 

Supporting Contact Tracers. 

We have created an efficient system in order to help us collect and keep track of our employee’s daily COVID symptom screening responses before they begin their in-office workdays. This helps us help our clients’ maintain the health of their workplaces while providing contact tracers with up-to-date information to help them in their fight to prevent and contain the virus.

Temperature Monitoring & Disinfection Stations

Though not mandated by the state, we are going above and beyond to take care of our in-house staff by doing temperature checks before permitting entrance as well as providing hand sanitizer in the lobby and throughout the building.