Putting Our Money Where Our Mouth Is: Our Ongoing Commitment to Equity and Equality

This past June, Taylor Hodson released a statement expressing solidarity, in word and deed, with the movement towards racial justice and equity. In this statement, we committed to first and foremost listening to our candidates of color, past and present, knowing that the first step towards real and lasting change is listening to the folks for whom the fight for justice is not optional.  

On August 13th we hosted our first virtual Town Hall with our staff and an intimate group of past candidates to hear about their experiences working with us. It was a rich and vulnerable time, and we continue to be grateful for the stories, correction, wisdom, and practical steps we were entrusted with during that time.    

We realize that the arc of justice is a long one, here are a few ways we are committing to helping bend it in the right direction.      

Continuing Internal Education 

In order for real transformation to take place, we acknowledge the need for both systemic reform and individual reckoning. We at Taylor Hodson have been seeking out webinars and resources, individually and collectively, to educate ourselves and gain tools to engage in this personal and communal work. In addition to all our employees completing the Harvard Implicit Bias test, we’ve also participated in trainings that have ranged from how to speak out against microaggressions in the workplace to how to be a better diversity staffing partner to clients.  

We have dedicated a staff meeting once a month where we alternate, choosing a resource on racial justice (an article, film, book, etc.) and discuss what we’re learning and processing as a team. We had our first session on September 23rd  and already see how crucial a role this monthly forum will play in helping keep our commitment to social justice hot and in our hearts, as well as providing practical steps on how to engage with our individual and collective responsibilities as alliesintraining.   

Readying the Talent 

Our expertise lies in finding and preparing quality talent to meet and exceed the demands of the workplace. Additionally, we recognize that we are uniquely equipped to offer free help to folks who have not been given the resources or exposure to feel confident and knowledgeable entering these places of opportunity. We have been sought out by a Harlem-based youth non-profit organization to lead a workshop and intend to nurture this relationship so that we can offer mentorship and training to underserved populations.   

Working with Similarly Committed Clients  

As our nation awakens to issues of racism and inequity, this new awareness is ushering in brand new positions within organizations as well as an expansion in departments of organizations that have long been dedicated to these causes. We are honored to be collaborating with some of these like-minded organizations by providing them with the most talented candidates to help execute their crucial and impactful missions. 


This is just the start of our work, but we have been challenged and encouraged by the abundance of resources (many free of charge) that have been made available by those who have been fighting this fight for a long time. Here are a few that we have found particularly galvanizing