How We Work

The process begins with an on-site visit to your business. This allows us to get a feel for the environment to better understand which individuals will fit seamlessly into your team.

Once we understand your company culture and the specific requirements of the position to be filled, we begin our search – we can keep it confidential if you prefer.

Our greatest source of candidates is employee referrals, so that’s where we start; then reach out to our network and post the position to our job board. When we’ve identified suitable prospects, we launch the screening process.

Screening Process

  • Phone screen
  • In-person interview
  • Every candidate meets our team
  • Skills assessments for almost all software types
  • Interview with you (which we will coordinate)

Once you identify a candidate you would like to hire or assign, we’ll handle all the paperwork and transition activities. We’ll stay in close touch with both you and the candidate throughout the process.

Ready to launch your search?