A Letter From The President of Taylor Hodson

To My Taylor Hodson Family:

I was deeply saddened and disturbed at yet another tragic murder in this country of an unarmed Black man.

I have been desperate to name and execute what this moment is requiring of me as an individual and business owner and am glaringly aware of my own ignorance. I initially found myself paralyzed and at a loss of how to respond. As is so often the case, my answer was found in community. I actively sought to incorporate diverse voices in my life both professionally and personally, in order to expand my understanding.

As a small woman-owned staffing firm, Taylor Hodson has had the privilege of finding jobs in the NYC community, both temporary and fulltime, for thousands of folks of all colors and creeds. We have experienced firsthand the gift of difference for our clients and candidates alike. As a company, our livelihood relies on being able to discern and ascribe value to the humans we encounter every day. Depth and authenticity in our relationships have been our cornerstone and have made our 33 years of business productive and meaningful.

As we have wrestled with the news of the senseless and tragic murder of George Floyd, we realize this news is not new. Racial injustice and the negligent and willful depreciation of life are stitched into the fabric of our society and its systems. In light of this, we find ourselves asking, “What can we do better? What can we do now?”

We know that any significant change must start at home, so in the Taylor Hodson family, we have begun to engage in the hard and honest conversations that we know are the prerequisite to true and meaningful action and change.  While we are engaging in rigorous independent reflection, we also acknowledge our blind spots.

We have always found listening to be the most invaluable tool to promote learning and healing, and plan to pursue this listening space by opening my inbox (and my door someday soon, I hope) to receive any feedback our past and present candidates and clients of color want to share about their experience working with us.

We will also prioritize regular check-ins with our employees who are working at our client companies. It is our job and joy to counsel, advise, and advocate for you by creating a space conducive to courageous communication. Our aim is to provide built-in opportunities for you to report any instances of discrimination and discomfort.

In addition to strengthening our internal efforts as a company, we are in the process of communicating with our Client Companies to make sure that their Diversity and Inclusion efforts are active and growing. By doing our due diligence, we will ensure that our Clients are aligned with us in this non-negotiable commitment to pursue and protect the dignity and equality of all people.

We recognize these are just the first steps on a long path,  but are resolved to play our part in dismantling the systemic structures of oppression In our society long after they disappear from the headlines.

With Respect and Allegiance,

Minerva Taylor

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